EMS Mission

The Needs of Enterprises Set Our Goals

It is the mission of EMS Technologies to provide our customers with both products and services that meet or exceed their specifications, requirements, and expectations. Through the education and empowerment of all of our team members, management maintains the commitment of total quality management. This atmosphere fosters continuous improvement in all areas of our supply chain model. Our engineering, program management, and production team members all understand this commitment to success as we work synergistically to establish this system.

continuous improvement cycle
globe service

We believe in a basic principle that “success breeds success.” Our customers’ prosperity depends upon our quality, service, and support at all levels of the supply chain and manufacturing process. We are very thorough in our internal processes, and we use these same principles to help define our external customer relationships. We have carefully perfected our business model to encompass a process and communication flow which works for all customers, both large and small, across a diverse range of markets.

Our communication is one of our greatest assets as we speak fluent English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese. We are very responsive in our approach to understanding our customers, as we are always available for a conference call or video conference based upon our customer’s schedule in their corresponding time zone.