Metal Stamping

EMS Technologies works with all types of high reliability plastics. We manufacture a large portfolio of custom, high quality, high tolerance plastic parts every year in such industries as automotive, marine, industrial, and commercial markets.

The Process

Starting with your drawing or sample, our design engineers and toolmakers use the latest CAD/CAM software to assist in developing the most cost effective solution for manufacturing your part. We can work with most types of CAD files including Iges, Dwg, Dxf, and Prt among others. These software tools allow us to streamline the process of getting your part from concept to prototype to production in the shortest amount of time. We can build stampings with very fine material thicknesses of less than .001” used in fine pitch connectors up to .25’’ commonly used in other industrial applications.
Our toolmakers and equipment operators are constantly performing preventative maintenance to our tooling, fixtures, and machinery to guarantee the integrity of your stamped parts.
Our expert toolmakers construct your tooling and die accurately to ensure that your parts are built correctly from the start. EMS’s engineering expertise in tooling allows us to build different operations into one die which include punching, bending, forming, blanking, and piercing. Multiple processes on one die eliminate the need for secondary operations which ultimately reduces the overall cost of your stamped part. We simply minimize scrap and waste to maximize our resources in all stages of production.
EMS also has the ability to perform the necessary welding on your parts which includes resistance spot welding and other welding capabilities. Our manufacturing resources allow die building, stamping, welding and assembly under one roof.