Magnetics (Coil Windings)

Magnetics (Coil Windings)

EMS Technologies produces a broad range of custom magnetic devices. These include power inductors, current transformers, current sensors, chokes, air coils and custom application-specific solutions.

EMS Technologies offers multiple magnetics selections, including:

  • Radio Frequency
  • Telecom
  • Power
  • Audio

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Products include:

  • Telecommunication Transformers
  • SMD Power Inductors
  • SMD Transformers
  • Inductors
  • Current Sense Transformers
  • Power Transformers
  • Line Power Transformers
  • Toroidal Line Power Transformers
  • Line Matching Audio Transformers
  • Flat Helix Winding Coils
  • TX and RX Modules for Wireless Power Chargers
  • Gate Drive Transformers
  • Inverter Transformers
  • RF Transformers and Modules