Turnkey Assemblies

EMS Technologies offers a wide range of professional services, from printed circuit board design, fabrication of raw boards, purchase of parts and electronic assembly, to testing and final packaging. We know that your time is important and that it is best spent devoted to marketing and selling your product. Let us take the worries out of producing the hardware that your project requires. When time is important, we are your source for turnkey assemblies.

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Primary Services Offered:

From schematic through layout, fabrication, and assembly… We strive to meet your needs!

Value Engineering: Re-Design Enhancement

Re-design to improve the IP level of protection

Original design to reach IP56

Re-design to enhance for IP67 or IP68

Re-design to enhance the structural strength in molded parts.

Original design

Re-design to add intensive ribs

Value Engineering: Re-Design Enhancement

To tool up an object for plastic injection molding re-production

To scan the object for dot mesh data

Through a CAM software to transform the dot data for curved mesh data

To process the mesh data for solid dimensional data

The 3D solid data can be referred for tooling development, or CNC machining code