EMS’s machining and milling facility has the resources to build all types of machined aluminum, steel, titanium, and plastic parts with software program tooling functions. From complex shaped parts that require innovative tooling and fixtures to simple turned components, we’re capable of holding tolerances to all of our customers’ requirements. We have 3, 4 and 5 Axis machining centers as well as turning centers with live tooling and multiple spindles and turrets. Our software can handle all 3D file types to offer you accurate quotes based upon your specifications. EMS’s CNC milling equipment offers high speed cutting capabilities that precisely build your metal parts to the exact dimensions of your design.

Maximizing Accuracy and Efficiency

Our Machines are rated at 15,000 rpm combined with a 30 hp rating and large taper abilities thus allowing us to remove material and cavities very quickly for volume production. On-site vertical CNC mills with automated pallet changers are also used in our machine shop to maximize efficiency and change time. The automatic bar-feed lathes complete with multiple vises and sub-spindles provide us with the ability to turn parts very quickly at both ends. This allows tapping and set screw-hole capabilities with fine helical feed marks. The EDM department offers wire EDM of .001’’ wire cut with .0015’’ corner radii and positional accuracy of .002’’.
EMS’s machining resources are quite extensive and provide our customers with another manufacturing competency which adds to our one-stop shopping philosophy.


These are some of the materials we machine. All of which are available with full trace-ability and certifications.