Die Casting

Our processes include the use of high pressure die casting equipment in the production of aluminum, zinc, and copper alloy parts. This die casting process manufactures parts to our customer’s tolerance parameters in both a precise and cost effective manner.
We can produce die casted parts in both small and large volume runs with our automated machines ranging from 150 to 1000 tons. We are very experienced at working with the proper alloys to create the most precise part with the proper finish and consistency. Our machines will detect any issue right away and prevent any problems in shrinkage or cracking that you may see with other overseas die casters.
Our engineers tend to take a proactive role in suggesting the proper materials and offer design parameters that will maximize the life of your product. Often enough, we will come up with a process to reduce any post machining requirements to offer you the most precise and cost effective solution. Our process monitors our machines status at all times in the process to offer full shot monitoring and balance control with self adjusting capability.
We have system in place that offers a very high injection rate and reduced back pressure that will give your parts a better overall surface finish and reduce any leakage problems. We also do a majority of our finishing in-house as we have a state of the art paint/powder coat line.