PCB Assemblies

EMS Technologies printed circuit board assembly service is a core competency in our product portfolio. In-house electronic and mechanical design engineering is a strength that sets us apart from other offshore contract manufacturers. We offer hardware and software design, PCB Layout, RF engineering, and more at a fraction of the cost of domestic contracting.
Our processes support a highly flexible manufacturing environment that meets the evolving needs of our customers. We strongly believe in the principle “Design for Manufacturability”, as we will continually suggest design changes and modifications that reduce cost and allow your product to run smoothly through our production line. Whether it is our tightly controlled quality procedures or continual improvement initiatives, you can be rest assured that Let us be your one-stop shop when considering printed circuit board assemblies.

Tightly Controlled Quality Procedures

Quality procedures are tightly monitored through all stages of the PCB assembly. It is very crucial when handling BGAs and other high-end IC’s that all of these procedures are taken with great care. EMS’s planners structure our production schedule to minimize cycle time of raw materials in our daily process flows. Production managers meet daily to review “Work In Progress” reports and give updates to our program management team accordingly. In turn, our program managers are very responsive to the customer’s requests and can offer daily reports. Streamlined communication is a key function in offshore manufacturing, and our model reflects this belief system. The final stages in the assembly of your product include the implementation of test procedures that will ensure your boards were built to spec. They must pass a very stringent quality inspection process before they are ready to be packed as finished goods. Our team works very hard to meet your production schedule, and we understand our place in the overall global supply chain.

Thru Hole Assembly