EMS offers design, engineering, and computerized rapid prototyping for a complete range of mold-making services which minimize your development lead time. From concept to production, EMS will create the appropriate tooling and mold making strategy for you.
For a complex small product the tooling and molding of the test-series will generally be done in Taiwan, and then the tools will be shipped to our facility in China once production ramps up.
Larger tools will be built and tested in our China facility. Video files of your tool building and “first shots” can be sent to show you real time progress. We accept all types of engineering CAD files. Typically, we use solid works and Pro/E, but can work with any version of engineering software.

Total Manufacturing Solution

Using our CAD/CAM software, our engineers will design an innovative mold that is cost effective and yields a very high level of performance. Our toolmakers closely monitor the CNC equipment used to make your molds as they carefully perform daily maintenance to the machinery. We use the best materials in the building of your molds as we understand that product longevity is critical when choosing a tool builder.
With weekly tooling reports, our customers are kept informed through out the entire tool making process. Let EMS be your choice in selecting an offshore mold maker. We will work with you very closely to ensure that your molds are built to proper specifications.
Injection Mold Design